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(English) English Fluency for Actors

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Class Details
Classes are scheduled when there are enough interested students
4,800 Kc

The English Fluency is a course specifically designed to help non-native English speaking actors the tools they need to master English speech rhythms, native accents, and general fluency. It is more about getting the actor confident that they can handle the English language so that they can turn their attention to where it’s needed: the acting.

The class consists of the following:

  • Introduction to English-language speech patterns and accents – Everyone knows that the way we write English is different from how we speak it. The class will look at several common mistakes that non-native English speakers make when trying to speak English including: Intonation and rhythms, word connections, the shwah, „Th“, „L“, „T-d“, „R“ and much more.
  • Script breakdown – monologues – A large part of an actors „homework“ is being able to extract what’s really going on in a scene or dramatic circumstance from a written text. How do we know what the character is going through? How do we get at what the character feels? We will start to look at techniques for breaking down a script including how to take notes, how to see what the choices are, how to look at punctuation, how the writer’s word choices affect how we look at the circumstance.
  • Scene preparation and performance – This is the next step from the monologue breakdown. We will break down a scene and incorporate both the text analysis we learned in the monologue section as well as the language that we worked on in the English section. Added to this, students will need to help each other as they prepare and perform the scene.

To sign up for the English Fluency for Actors course, please send an email to info@acting.cz

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