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The Acting 1 and Acting 2 classes are based for the most part on the techniques developed by Sanford Meisner. Here are just a few students’ reactions to the classes and the technique. If you would like to see how it works for yourself, please sign up to audit a class!

“Brian Caspe’s Meisner acting class really taught me a lot about myself and how to express it on stage. His way of teaching combines this aspect of self-recognition and the foremost Meisner-technique of connecting with your respective partner in a very comprehensive way. I started late, but I really went on a race to become a professional actor – thanks to Brian. It’s been quite a trip! And I recommend it to anyone who’s willing to give his all to acting.”
— Boris

“I personally admire the patient teaching, or rather coaching style Brian has and his ability to find the right thing to say to each student, be it a beginner or an experienced one, in order to help them progress in their acting. With his help I improved very fast, he really made it easy. I have watched (seen) my classmates (other students) making remarkable progress in a short time. Brian arranged a workshop in Berlin for us in order to widen our experience, try new things and move forward as actors. Its great to have a teacher who cares about bringing up different perspective to us, involves other teachers and always looks for opportunities to advance his students.

Brian is the best acting teacher I ever had!”
— Marija

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