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Payment Policy


Payment of the course is due in full on the first day of the term. Students who have not paid by the second week of class will not be able to come to the class until they pay. Payment options are as follows:

The first class is free!

Name Cost classes/week weeks cost/class
Full term 5.000 Kc 2x (2.5 hours) 12 208 Kc
Half term 3.000 Kc 1x (2.5 hours) 12 250 Kc
1 Month 2.500 Kc 2x (2.5 hours) 4 312 Kc
1 class 400 Kc 400 Kc

All terms are based on consecutive weeks. Payments are not transferable. Refunds are not given to students once payment is made.


Full-term students may pay in 2 installments: 3.000 Kc the first day and 2.000 Kc on the 6th week of class.

Starting in the middle of a term

Students may start in the middle of a term. The fee for that term will be pro-rated based on the number of weeks left in the term. The rate will be rounded to the nearest 100 Kc.

Absences & make-up classes

Students must notify their teacher at least 6 hours prior to the class if they will be absent from class. Absences that are not announced will not be eligible for make-up classes. For longer absences, students should notify the school director via email.

Full and Half-term students can make up up to 3 excused absences per term. Month students can make up 1 excused absence during the month. Make-up classes cannot be used outside of the term the absence occurred in. For Month students, this means the month that they have paid for.

Students who are ill and need to leave the class due to health reasons may submit a doctor’s note (neschopenka/omluvenka) to receive a refund of the classes missed.

Auditing classes

Prospective students must audit one class prior to making the commitment to study at the Prague Playhouse. The auditing classes for prospective students are beginning classes on Monday and Wednesdays. Students wishing to audit should arrange a time with the Studio by calling 608 577 012.

Current students are welcome to audit any beginning acting class. Students in the beginning class are welcome and encouraged to audit the intermediate classes. There is no limit to how many classes can be audited for current students.

Past students may audit beginning classes by arrangement with the studio director.

Late and Phone Fees – 10 Kc

Students arriving late to class will be charged a 10 Kc late fee. Students with prior commitments who need to regularly arrive later than the class starts should make arrangements with their teacher.

All students should put their phones on silent when they arrive to class. Any student who’s phone that rings, beeps or vibrates in the middle of class will be asked to pay a phone fee of 10 Kc.

Food and Drink

Students may drink water or tea in class. Food should be eaten prior to class outside in the waiting area. Gum is not permitted in class. Students may bring food to class if it is part of their acting exercise. Students are expected to clean up any food that they bring in to class and remove any waste or rubbish that they are responsible for.

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