Acting Metaphors: The Spacecraft

I’m starting a new series of posts: Metaphors which I use during class. Hopefully you’ll find them useful!

The Spacecraft

One of the ways scientists get information about the composition of the other planets and moons in our solar system is by crashing spacecraft into them and then studying the debris that gets kicked up. The metaphor here is that we want to use our attention and the power of our personal observations about our partner to crash into their surface (although the impact doesn’t necessarily have to be violent). But the real information about who they are comes from how they respond to the repetition (the debris that gets kicked up). Their response to you is going to tell you a whole lot more about themselves than how they behave at the surface.

The Lesson:

Don’t hold your opinions back from your partner. Make an impact on them and you’ll come to a deeper understanding of who they are!

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