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Being In Class

What to Prepare:

For those of you who are taking class with me for the first time, you just need to bring an open mind and excitement to work. If you have been in class with me before, then you should bring in whatever you have been working on.


Students will receive an email with a detail of their class fee. Payment is possible either by bank transfer (details in the email) or in cash on the first day. Students will not be allowed to work until they have paid the class fee.


Please let me know via text (608 577 012) if you need to come late. If you don’t let me know and simply show up late, I generally charge a 10 Kc late fee in a very public and shaming way to encourage people to come on time, or even early. If you are coming into the room while class is in session, please listen at the door to make sure that I am talking so that you don’t come in in the middle of an exercise. If you do open the door and see me making a sign at you to not enter, then don’t come in. We’ll open the door to let you in when it’s appropriate. This includes trips to the bathroom.



Students are discouraged from eating during class. Please let me know if there is a medical reason why you need to eat. Water is fine to drink and there is a  kettle for those who want tea or coffee, but you must bring your own mug.

NO GUM! There is a 50 Kc gum fee. Don’t do it. It’ll end up on the floor or under the chairs. Yuck.


I don’t require any specific type of clothing (you don’t need to bring a change of shoes or anything like that). The work we’re doing is not terribly physical, so you don’t need to bring workout clothes or anything.  We can have a talk on how different clothes affect you in different ways in class.

Taking Notes:

I highly encourage you to bring a note pad and something to take notes with. Please don’t bring a phone that you’re going to type into as it’s impossible for me to tell whether you’re taking notes or texting someone. Paper and pencil/pen is the best.


There is a 10 Kc phone fee if your phone goes off in class (even on vibrate). Or if I see you looking at it. Best practice is to leave it on silent in your bag.