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Since 2003 The Prague Playhouse Acting Studio has been providing professional training to actors in Prague. We focus on acting fundamentals as well as helping non-native speakers act in English. We teach in English.

While the focus is still on quality professional acting training, the Studio welcomes students of all experience levels, whether just interested in acting or setting out the foundation of a career in the business. See our schedule for a complete list of classes.

Our approach to teaching acting is not very common in the Czech Republic. It is inspired by the Meisner technique that is popular mainly in the English-speaking world and also among many Hollywood actors.

Our Students

Since 2002, the Prague Playhouse Acting Studio has worked with hundreds of students of all nationalities. Currently we have students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania, Norway, England, Ireland, Russia, Algeria, France, Canada, and America. The students have a wide variety of experience levels and goals from professional actors to students who are interested in learning more about the craft as a hobby.


Classes in the Prague Playhouse Acting Studio are taught by Brian Caspe.

Brian Caspe


Brian has been teaching acting for 6 years. Originally from California, Brian has an approach to acting, both the training and the craft, that is unique for the Czech Republic.

He originally studied acting in high school and continued through his time at the University of California, San Diego. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles, where he studied Meisner Technique at Playhouse West. The training that he received there set him on a journey that radically changed how he thought about the craft of acting: rather than “putting on a character”, he focused instead on a truthful exploration of himself and how he really feels about what is going on in the given or imaginary circumstances of the scene.

Since moving to Prague in 2002, Brian as been fortunate to be a part of several Hollywood films including Hellboy, Wanted, the Illusionist and Running Scared as well as several dozen commercials. This experience has provided him with a very strong network of connections with directors, casting directors and producers which frequently turn to him for suggestions of actors who could perform in various projects. More often than not he has suggested students to fill the roles and several of them have gone on to be quite successful in the community.

In 2009, Brian started providing on-set coaching services in commercials and films with an emphasis on dialect and accents in English, helping Czech actors act while speaking English. He also provides private coaching services for individuals who are interested in working on specific pieces or problems.

If you have specific questions, please contact brian@acting.cz


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